I love fruit, subtle fragrance in the years quietly born Finasteride, Jasmine, and bloom so white, so noble, so cute. Love, so that they can not help but kiss with this cute little thing, its body, such as jasmine and tender; it's face, as delicate as jasmine; its body fragrance exudes a faint fragrance of jasmine, intoxicating, so love as freely like a creek flowing freely deep spring; let love flowers like tulips when love, neat blossoming bloom; let the color of love, again concentrated columns and bright, but also exudes a red light than the sun , even more, than burning flame of affection.

Spring, lavender Flower Festival, one of the world dazzling purple. At this time of love, it is the ultimate romantic. Because of you, cute little baby, they love the world, full of romantic and sweet. Take a trip, with the crystallization of our love, with our promise of love, with our loyalty to love, with love Zaozao oath our highest power, will never change the.

They intoxicated nu skin hk. It symbolizes the pure, holy, happy florid love, tenderness deep in their hearts already kind; love the purple heart, has long been overshadowed in all sorts of fireworks collision's love; it as beautiful and pleasant as lavender love, goes beyond the when love and death oath; this romantic love purple, shiny long been more charming than all the flowers; the warmth of love purple, long time spans four seasons, in the time of spring germination, in the time of summer in full bloom, in the time of the autumn harvest, in the time of rain and snow weathered winter experience. Experienced the reality of baptism, through the extraordinary love of temper, this purple love beyond life and death, the enemy had Homecoming, leaving only the old share of your hand, grow old and sincere faith .

Love to the depths, without words, a look, a smile, a kind of spiritual communication enough. Through years of grinding, weathered baptism, many smoke seemingly love, but ephemeral, but stay in the time the depths of love is pure and white, and really hot, light and sweet. To the old man, the share of mood, the depths of time, love to take it lightly ageLOC Me, fine water flowing.